5 Myths about Compatible Toner Cartridges

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Many individuals have various views and concepts about suitable toner cartridges. Other people just understand very little about suitable cartridges. As an exclusive user of compatible toner cartridges for fifteen years, I have actually found a number of things that are not true. I 'd like to examine 5 mistaken beliefs or myths individuals may have about compatible laser toner cartridges. Let's compare reality and fiction. 

Myth #1 Compatible Toner Cartridges are just low-cost cartridges

It holds true that a compatible toner cartridge is inexpensive in rate. However, it is not an inexpensive quality toner cartridge. A suitable toner cartridge is a brand-new toner cartridge produced by a 3rd party. It is made from all new parts. It includes the precise toner required for your printer. A lot of business provide an one-year, one hundred percent cash back guarantee on their compatible toner cartridges. You can normally acquire a compatible toner cartridge for about half of the expense of a brand-new OEM toner cartridge.

Myth #2 Using a Compatible Toner Cartridge will void my printer warranty

This is not true. In reality, congress passed a law to make it illegal for a manufacturer to require you to purchase specific supplies. If allowed, this would result in a monopoly, high prices and lack of competition.

Below is a copy of the "Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act". It's your guarantee that your printer warranty will not be voided.

United States Code Annotated
Title 15 Commerce and Trade
Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties
15 Section 2302

"( c) No warrantor of a customer item may condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumer's using, in connection with such item, any article or service (besides article or service offered without charge under the terms of the guarantee) which is recognized by brand, trade or business name; other than that the restriction of this subsection be waived by the commission if:

1) The warrantor satisfies the Commission that the required product will operate effectively just if the post or service so identified is utilized in connection with the necessitated item, and

2) The Commission finds that such a waiver remains in the public interest."

In a nut this what it means 

Myth #3 A Compatible Toner Cartridge will damage my printer

The fact is a toner cartridge can do extremely little to damage a printer. It is possible, but highly unlikely, for a toner cartridge to leakage and cause streaking on your paper. However, a basic cleaning and replacement of the toner cartridge will solve the problem.

In my fifteen years of utilizing compatible toner cartridges, I only had one circumstances where the toner cartridge did not meet my high expectations. I called the business and they sent me a new cartridge the next day. I gained from this experience that it is really essential to acquire your toner cartridges from reputable toner business. The number of companies have sent you a brand brand-new replacement product the next day without any hassles?

Myth #4 Compatible Toner Cartridges produce bad quality print

One of my preliminary worries in buying a suitable toner cartridge was that the print quality would not be as good. When I utilized my first compatible toner cartridge, it produced remarkably good quality. After comprehensive research study, I found that many toner cartridges are not totally filled with toner when you buy them.

I used OEM toner cartridges for a number of years. Some merely did not fill their toner cartridges to capability.

Myth #5 All Compatible Toner Cartridges are the very same

The truth is all compatible toner cartridges are not produced equivalent. This is why you need to purchase your cartridges from a reliable and trusted business. These companies evaluate their compatible toner cartridges to insure quality and quantity of print. You can visit our site to discover ten things you ought to learn about purchasing a compatible toner cartridge online.

If you want to cut your printing budget plan in half and continue to get high quality print, do yourself a favor. Find a credible online toner merchant like PremiumToners and purchase your compatible toner cartridge today.

A compatible toner cartridge is a brand-new toner cartridge made by a 3rd party. You can usually acquire a compatible toner cartridge for about half of the expense of a new OEM toner cartridge.

In my fifteen years of utilizing compatible toner cartridges, I only had one circumstances where the toner cartridge did not fulfill my high expectations. I learned from this experience that it is extremely essential to acquire your toner cartridges from trustworthy toner business. After substantial research study, I discovered that numerous toner cartridges are not completely filled with toner when you acquire them.

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