Affordable Toner Cartridges For All Laser Printers

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Affordable Toner Cartridges For All Laser Printers 

We all know why printers often don’t come with a huge price tag, and it’s because printer manufacturers know that the real money is in selling you a replacement toner cartridge. Fortunately, with Premium Toners, you don’t have to settle for paying OEM prices in order to add quality toner to your printer.

Ink VS Toner

Often people use the words “toner cartridge” and “ink cartridge” interchangeably, but they aren’t the same. If you’ve come to this page looking for ink for an inkjet printer, you’ve come to the wrong place. However, if you have a laser printer, you do need to purchase cartridges for this printer, and we can help.

Ink cartridges tend to be small cartridges that fit easily in your hand, while a laser cartridge is much larger. Ink cartridges have liquid and toner is a dry powdery substance. With inkjet printers, the ink is essentially sprayed onto each piece of paper while a laser printer uses static electricity to transfer images onto a piece of paper with a photo-sensitive drum unit.

Laser printers tend to have a higher price tag than inkjet printers, but they produce higher quality images and laser cartridges produce far more prints than you would get with an ink cartridges. Still, toner cartridges can be quite expensive, which is where we come into the picture. 

Quality Replacement Toner Cartridges

At Premium Toners, we provide our customers with what are known as compatible Printer toner cartridges. Sometimes this is simply called a generic cartridge. However, just because you aren’t purchasing a “name brand” cartridge, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality.

We’ve been in the business for more than 30 years, and all of our products are backed with a 100% unconditional guarantee that ensures that each cartridge will meet or exceed the OEM original performance specifications and be 100% compatible with your laser printer.

As a consumer, you have the option to purchase OEM cartridges directly from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer or you can purchase refurbished cartridges and the third option would be to purchase new generic toner cartridges, which is what we provide for our customers.

Refurbished cartridges can be a good option, but the quality of the cartridges varies and there just isn’t the consistency with refurbished cartridges that you find with either new generic cartridges or OEM cartridges. Our compatible toner cartridges are all brand new and created using 100% recycled plastic, which makes them a highly sustainable option, as well. 

Save 50% Or More With Premium Toners

In many cases, a single cartridge can cost as much as a third of what you paid for your entire printer. Typical monochrome (black and white) home laser printers tend to cost between $150 to $300 and it’s not uncommon to find that replacing toner cartridges for your printer can cost $50 or more for a standard-yield replacement cartridge direct from the manufacturer while our replacement cartridges costs half as much, but the quality of the cartridge and the toner is identical.


For a full-color model that is suitable for home use or basic office use, you might easily pay $600 or much more for the printer. Let’s take the Brother® Business MFC-L8900CDW printer toner for example. This all-in-one, set of high yield color cartridge retails for $600 or much more for a set, and while that’s not a bad price for a color printer, 

Brother® cartridges with high yield color cartridges retails for $400 or much more for a set with a 1500 pages. This standard yield will provide you with enough toner for about 1,500 pages.

Brother® cartridges with high yield color cartridges retails for $700 or much more for a set with a 4000 pages, and while that’s not a bad price for a color printer, the replacement printer toner set for your printer, offers a pack of higher-yield printer toner that will print up to 4,000 pages.


These toner cartridges offer more than twice the amount of toner for the same price as you’d pay for the standard cartridges. This is a huge savings, and that’s just one of the hundreds of examples we could provide to show that our quality replacement toner cartridges can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars during the course of the year.


As a side note, sometimes printers have drum units that are built into the toner cartridge, but some drum units are separate from toner cartridges. Occasionally, you might need to replace the drum unit and we also carry these drum units at Premium Toners, and for far less than you would pay from the original manufacturer.


Government Contractor? We Can Help!

We also offer a line of TAA-compliant toners, and these toners align with Trade Agreements Act requirements. If you are a U.S. government contractor working with the General Services Administration or another U.S. government agency, we have a line of toner cartridges that comply with U.S. government regulations, and we are always working to expand that line to meet the needs of government contractors and suppliers.


Our Products Won’t Void Your Warranty

Many people mistakenly believe that using a generic cartridge will void their warranty. However, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 prevents manufacturers from voiding the warranty of products simply because the consumer purchased aftermarket parts from a third party.


Huge Selection & Free Shipping Over $49!

No matter what model of toner cartridge you need, we likely have it in stock at Premium Toners. Whether you need Brother toner, Lexmark toner, Ricoh toner cartridges, Xerox toner cartridges or another brand, we have just what you need. We carry all toner and ink cartridges for the following printer cartridge manufacturers:

  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Dell
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Lexmark
  • Okidata
  • Ricoh
  • Samsung
  • Xerox


No matter what make or model of printer toner you have, we should have toner cartridges that will work seamlessly in your printer. Running low on toner supplies , well we have a wide selection of  high volume of lower cost effective toners to be shipped from our warehouses at To find the specific toner you need, simply click on your toner manufacturer and search for the cartridge you need or use our search bar at the top of our homepage. Type in the  printer model number or the cartridge code which is directly on the cartridge or the box label to find your ink or toner cartridges, or drum unit.


For instance, if you need an HP C7115X toner cartridge, you can just type in “C7115X” into the search bar and your options should appear. As a quick cost comparison, this HP toner cartridge retails from HP at $109, while our compatible HP cartridge is just $44.95.


If you aren’t quite sure which cartridge or drum unit you need, feel free to contact us at

or call us at (514) 993-4142 and we are always happy to help match you to correct toner cartridges.

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