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                                      ANNOUNCING REPLACEMENT

                                            W SERIES CARTRIDGES


PremiumToners have the highly anticipated solution for the latest generation of HP printers! These toner cartridges will only ship at the end of January 2022.  Due to the high demand for these cartridge you can reserve by pre-order your cartridges to make you get your cartridges. All Pre-Orders will ship at end of January 2022 or early February 2022.

See our Compatible W Series Toner Cartridges for your HP Printer!

This cartridge line provides an OEM-comparable experience from Start to Finish.

Experience the difference!

Reliable, rich prints on every printed page, all backed with our proprietary technology and warranty.



The W series of cartridges are used in the latest generation of HP printers. These printers replace immensely popular lines that had high worldwide placement, such as the M154, M180, M402, M452, M477, M506, M527, M552, M577 and M609.

This new generation of HP printers featured toner cartridges with unique, highly encrypted chip technology. PremiumToners is the leader in providing aftermarket chips and diligently work to engineer a solution for our customers. The result is our first-to-market cartridges which provide full functionality to end users.

Other aftermarket solutions are inferior.

Due to the high demand, the aftermarket industry has already started to sell these cartridges as both “Unchipped” and with a “Spent” OEM chip. These solutions require a used OEM spent chip in order to function, but do not offer

full OEM-comparable functionality.

Using a spent chip means the Supplies Status Page, Toner Status, Pages Remaining and other messaging pages will be incorrect, and the printer will alert the end user with toner low messaging throughout the cartridge life. This can also impact all Data Collection Agent (DCA) software and will continue to show the replaced cartridge as toner low or toner out, negatively impacting auto toner replenishment programs.

PremiumToners solution does not suffer from these issues. Our reverse engineered chip technology provides consumers with an OEM-comparable experience in both performance and reporting.

  • First-to-market
  • Great image density
  • Rich, vivid prints
  • Meets or exceed OEM page yield
  • Will not negatively impact auto toner replacement programs
  • OEM-comparable user interface


PremiumToners cartridges undergo rigorous testing and quality control to ensure that they will perform to the highest standards. The W Series is no different! Our 24-hour print lab post-tests cartridges to ensure each one will perform at the OEM-comparable level of performance you expect for more info see our line of W Series that we offer.

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