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Differences Between OEM and Compatible Toner Cartridges 

When you buy a laser printer, you also have the option of purchasing toner cartridges from the same manufacturer. The manufacturer often strongly recommends using only OEM toner cartridges because it stands to make more money as a result. When you buy Canon toner cartridges, HP toner cartridges, or Brother toner cartridges, what you're really paying for is the brand name. The claims that OEM cartridges are superior to other compatible toner cartridges are exaggerated at best, and sometimes inaccurate.


The main difference between an OEM toner cartridges and a compatible toner cartridges is that the latter is built by a third party from all-new materials according to similar specifications as OEM models. Much like generic medications and groceries, you get the same or similar quality and performance from a generic toner cartridge ink made by a reputable manufacturer. Usually all that's different are outer appearances and packaging, although compatible toner cartridges may also be made from biodegradable materials, making them more environmentally friendly than OEM cartridges.

Myths About OEM Toner Cartridges 

As long as you buy a generic toner cartridge ink from a reputable company, there is no need to worry about them harming your printer or clogging your print heads, nor will it void your warranty. That being the case, why are manufacturers so insistent that you only use OEM toner cartridges in your printer?

The answer is that they stand to make more money when you do. Repeat toner cartridge sales are where printer manufacturers make most of their money. It makes sense when you think about it; once you buy a printer, you probably won't have to buy another one for a long time, but you have to buy toner cartridges more often. That's the reason why printer manufacturers price printers relatively low and then sell toner cartridges at inflated prices that are sometimes more than the cost of the printer itself.

Hazards of Buying Compatible Toner Cartridges From Disreputable Companies

You do need to be careful about where you buy generic toner cartridges. Some disreputable manufacturers are just out to make a quick buck and don't care about quality. Even if the price is right, these toner cartridges are not a good value. They may leak, leave unwanted marks on printed pages, or fail to work at all. 

How can you tell if you are getting your toner cartridges from a reputable company? There are two marks of quality to look for. One is a guarantee that the cartridges will meet or exceed OEM performance specifications. The other is manufacture in an ISO 9001-certified facility. It also never hurts to do your due diligence by conducting on online search and reading reviews and testimonials from past customers.

Ways Compatible Toner Cartridges Save You Money

In addition to initial cost savings, usually ranging from 50 to 150 percent, you often get more for your money from a generic toner cartridge because they usually come with more toner powder than their OEM counterparts. This means that you will need to buy toner less often due to the greater yield of printed pages you get from a compatible toner cartridge.

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