Say No to Firmware Updates

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Say No to Firmware Updates

Printer firmware lockout issues have plagued aftermarket cartridges for many years. 

As even more OEMs are using firmware updates to shut down aftermarket cartridges, it is necessary to prevent printer firmware updates, particular in HP's latest OfficeJet Pro printers. These printers are shipped with an Automatic Firmware Update, that is set to 'On' when a consumer receives the printer. This indicates that if your client does not alter the setup, their printer will immediately be upgraded with the most up to date firmware updates, possibly making aftermarket cartridges not function properly in the printer.

How to turn off  Automatic Firmware updates: Step by Step method to turn off this setting:

Follow the steps below to switch off this setting:

1) At the top of the display, touch or swipe tab to open the Display



2) Press “Setup”

3) Press “Printer Maintenance



4) Press “Update the Printer”


5) Press “Printer Update Options”

6) Press “Do Not Check”


7) It will notify you that HP recommends that you allow the printer to check for updates. Press “No”

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