How to Manually Reset Brother Laser Printer DR630 Drum Unit

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Imagine that you're printing an important, time-sensitive document that must be completed within the hour. Normally, an hour would give you plenty of time to print out the assignment that you're working on. However, on this particular occasion, your Brother laser printer does not seem to be cooperating.

The warning light keeps flashing, along with a message indicating that you need to replace your toner. 

Of course, if you actually needed to replace your toner, at this point you would do just that.

But, in this case, you've just recently replaced your toner cartridges. And, you know that your toner can't possibly be low just yet.

Perhaps, to be on the safe side, you even go so far as to check your cartridges. And, sure enough, it appears there's plenty of ink available.

Well, maybe the printer isn't causing the issue, after all.

Read on to find out how to put an end to printer problems once and for all!

How to Put an End to Your Printer Problem

If you're experiencing a similarly frustrating scenario with your Brother printer, there's a good chance that the solution has nothing to do with your toner levels, or even your printer itself.

Many people assume that once you've dealt with one printer, you've dealt with them all. But, when you're dealing with a Brother DR630, there's one small detail that many people miss.

"What's that?", you're probably wondering.

Well, good news. We've got the answer you're looking for here.

Whenever you install a new Brother DR630 drum unit for your printer, you must manually reset Brother printer drum counter. Otherwise, you are likely to have issues resembling those described above.

Steps to Manually Reset Your Brother D630 Drum Unit

The below steps may vary depending on the model of your printer. So, be sure that you are following the instructions designed for your model prior to beginning the process of reset Brother printer drum unit.

How to Reset Brother DR630 Drum for Brother DCP/MFC Series Printer

       DCP-L2520          DCP-L2520DW          DCP-L2540          DCP-L2540DW          MFC-L2680W                       MFC-L2700DW   MFC-L2705DW         MFC-L2707DW   MFC-L2720DW           MFC-L2740DW

  1. Open the front toner compartment door
  2. Press and hold the "OK" button for a couple of seconds
  3. After about 2 seconds, the message “Replace Drum?” will appear
  4. For DCP models, press the arrows to reset the drum counter
  5. For MFC models, you will press "1" to reset the counter 
  6. Close the toner compartment door

How to Reset Brother DR630 Drum only for the following Brother printers,

      HL-L2300D     HL-L2320D     HL-L2321D

  1. Open the front compartment door
  2. Press and hold the "GO" button until all the LEDs light up
  3. Once all four LEDs light up, press "GO"
  4. Close the front compartment door" 
  5. And make sure your Drum light is off

How to Reset DR630 Drum for all other Brother HL Printers

     HL-L2305W         HL-L2315DW         HL-L2340DW         HL-L2360DN                  HL-L2360DW                      HL-L2380DW      HL-L2340DW       HL-L2360DW          HL-L2380DW

    1. Open the front compartment door
    2. Press and hold the "OK" button for about 2 seconds
    3. When "Drum Unit" appears on the display, press "OK"
    4. Press the arrow button until the display reads "Reset" 
    5. Reset the counter to zero
    6. Close the front compartment door

    After you complete these simple steps, your reset brothers printer problem will be fixed.

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