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save 50 percent on color toner


While a color laser printer can be a handy device for home or office use, replacing the color toner cartridges is expensive. However, Premium Toners can provide you with top-quality toner cartridges at affordable prices and we even offer free shipping on all orders that total more than $49.

The Premium Toners Difference

As a consumer, you can purchase name-brand color toner, but this always comes with the highest price tag. Printer manufacturers love it when you purchase their high-priced toner cartridges, but there is a better option – purchase new aftermarket toner cartridges from Premium Toners.

Our color toner cartridges are brand new, but they are simply designed and produced by a third party rather than by the original manufacturer. The original manufacturer, whether it is Brother or HP or Lexmark or another brand, sells their toners at ridiculously high prices, but because our cartridges aren’t “name brand,” we can sell cartridges at substantial discounts.

Of course, we wouldn’t be in business long if our color toner cartridges weren’t as good or better than the name-brand toner cartridges. Each of our toner cartridges is quality controlled and you won’t find higher quality color toner anywhere else on the market, and that’s guaranteed. Each of our toner cartridges is 100% guaranteed to work flawlessly in your printer or we’ll refund your money. 

There’s just no reason to pay the high sticker price for a name-brand OEM toner cartridge when our toner cartridges are up to 50% lower in cost yet provide you with the same high quality.

What About The Warranty?

While printer manufacturers would love for customers to believe that using an aftermarket toner cartridge will void the printer warranty, this is absolutely not true. The Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975 prohibits manufacturers from voiding their warranty simply because the consumer chose to purchase parts (in this case toner cartridges) from an aftermarket third party. It is illegal for any manufacturer to void your warranty for using aftermarket toner, so you needn’t worry about this issue.

However, those printer companies are sneaky, and they do their best to keep consumers from buying aftermarket color toner and ink. One trick they use is to build Firmware updates that will render some toner cartridges non-compatible with your printer firmware. To work around this issue, simply update your printer firmware so that it no longer provides you with “automatic” updates. That typically fixes any compatibility issue you might encounter. Click here to find out how to stop firmware updates on your printer so that your printer can except compatible toner cartridges.

Should You Purchase Single Cartridges Or A Combo Pack?

We sell four packs of color toner that include all four components of the CMYK palette – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. You also have the option to purchase these cartridges separately.

The best option is to check the toner levels on all four cartridges and then act accordingly. If they all seem equally low, then buy the four-pack, as this can save you some money. If only black and cyan are low and the other two have 50% or more, it might be best just to purchase a black and cyan cartridge.

You also have the option to purchase high-yield or standard-yield color toner cartridges. High-yield can be a good option if you are printing many pages every day as these provide you with a much higher page yield. However, if you don’t print very often, it’s fine to opt for a lower-yield color toner because, as this might be a more cost-effective option.

Fun Fact: Why Do Printers Use Cyan, Magenta & Yellow?

You probably noticed long ago that your color laser printer includes four toner cartridges – black, yellow, cyan and magenta. Black and yellow are fairly easy to understand, but why do printers use cyan and magenta as the standard second and third colors? After all, aren’t yellow, red and blue primary colors?

Yellow, cyan and magenta are what are known as subtractive primary colors, while blue and red are additive primary colors, and, generally speaking, it’s easier to generate a fuller palette of colors using yellow, cyan and magenta pigments than it would be if you used blue and red.

You also will enjoy a deeper black color because, when mixed together, cyan, magenta and yellow can create a black color and when we add additional black ink, this produces a deep, high-quality black. This is why, even if you never print in “full color,” you will notice that you do use up your yellow, cyan and magenta toner as all four of the cartridges are used to produce black.

Find Your Color Toner Now!

To find the specific color toner cartridges you need, first, open up your printer and make a note of the cartridge numbers. Be sure to write down the numbers for all four of the cartridges – black, yellow, cyan and magenta. It also can be a good idea to write down your exact printer model.

Once you have this information, you can simply go to our homepage and click on the brand name, such as Brother or HP, and then search alphabetically, by featured cartridges, best-selling cartridges or by price. You also can simply use the search bar at the top of the homepage to type in the model number for the cartridge that you need.

At Premium Toners, we sell color toner cartridges for all major brands of premium color laser printers, including:

  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Dell
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Lexmark
  • Okidata
  • Ricoh
  • Samsung
  • Xerox

If you don’t find the specific type of color toner that you need, please give us a call at (514) 993-4142. Whether you need Brother toner cartridges, HP toner cartridges or another top brand, our team is always on hand to help you find the proper match for your laser printer.

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